Pinnacle Is Awarded Again For Health And Behavior Change Advertising, Marketing And Communications

The Aster Awards, founded in 2002, highlights marketing professionals who are creating real and positive change in communities through creative and groundbreaking campaign development within the healthcare field. Pinnacle was last recognized by the Aster Award committee in 2017 for our work supporting Anne Arundel County's Tobacco Retailer Training efforts and Binge Drinking Awareness Campaign and Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Power to Prevent Diabetes campaign.

This year, Pinnacle is honored to receive four Aster Awards for campaigns with three different agencies in Maryland as well as Virginia. Pinnacle's work with the Rural Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition in the Goochland-Powhatan region of Virginia was recognized for a campaign to reduce opioid misuse and abuse as well as a campaign to deter under-age drinking, earning Gold and Silver awards, respectively. The video titled  “Can you spot the drug dealer?” highlights the danger of leaving your medication unsecure and unwittingly providing prescription drugs to your loved ones.

Because Pinnacle work has a focus on social marketing, with a goal to positively influence behaviors, we know that the quality of our work can literally save someone’s life. We are thrilled to receive national recognition for our work, but, we know the success of our campaigns is measured most in each and every behavior we influence. So, we are sending out a big thank you to our clients for trusting us with this important work and supporting the vision we bring to their projects.

Here is a look at Pinnacle's four Aster awards from 2018:


The Rural Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition’s Open Your Eyes and Secure Your Meds Campaign won Gold in the Total Advertising Campaigns category.

The Rural Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition's Sober Works on You campaign won the Silver Aster Award in the Website Advertising - Series category.


Baltimore County Department of Health’s Accidentally Addicted campaign was awarded the Gold Aster Award in the Outdoor-Transit Series category.


The Maryland Department of Health’s Hypertension TV campaign was awarded the Gold Aster Award in the TV/Video Advertising – Single category.


Crafting the Cattle Chute


Building a Better Web Experience

We've spent our fair share of time on the Internet... even when not developing websites. This gives us the unique advantage of wearing both hats—Internet creator and user. Text-only websites that have well laid-out navigation and rich content provide a better end-user experience than a visually gorgeous one that neglects planning a visitor workflow.

The key to crafting a thrilling murder mystery and great website architecture are surprisingly similar: start from the end and work backwards.

Looking from the finish line, what's the best path to get your visitor from your homepage to the finish line? Is your finish line a checkout page? A contact form? Do you have multiple finish lines? For most small to medium sites, we recommend that you select two or three finish lines. We'll help you select more if you only have one in mind.

Don't Disregard Data

If you don't already have a Google Analytics account, sign up here - now.  We'll wait.


5 Best Web Design Practices For Nonprofits


Passing the Two-Minute Test

Not many people hand out money to strangers. A potential donor will want to get to know your organization first. Sixty percent of donors hop online to visit your website prior to parting with their money. You have roughly two short minutes of their time to convince them that you are a worthwhile cause. Can your site pass the Two-Minute-Test?


Succinctly state your mission and how you accomplish it. For example, "Saving horses from slaughter with rehabilitation, training, fostering and placement." Also, if you can easily quantify your efforts, include that in a prominent location (i.e. "468 Horses Saved").


It's Good To Provoke People?


When it comes to greatness, absolutely provoke!

Too often, we remain comfortable with the status quo, and fail to experience even a portion of the greatness we have to offer.

It's time to stop tolerating mediocrity, and start provoking greatness!

My friend/colleague Misti Burmeister is just days away from launching Provoking Greatness: Unleashing Hidden Potential, and I want to make sure you have access to all the good (free) stuff.

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PS:  Here's to YOUR greatness!  Thank you for being a part of the Pinnacle community.


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