Death to Dead Ends


Don't lose your site traffic prematurely.

Great incoming traffic? Check.

Compelling content? Check.

Are your visitors still bailing out on your site after a page or two?

Each page builds a step in your visitor's journey, and as such, needs to have a clearly-defined purpose. Many pages have great content, but don't walk people through the journey. Visitors meet the dreaded Dead End when they are on a page that doesn't hold their hand through to the next step.


Ten Tips to Help You Win at Social Media


Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Brand

Social media is a great tool to connect with customers and increase exposure. These sites are a free way to promote your brand, but it does require an investment of time and effort. There is the right way to manage a social media page and the wrong way. Below is my list of best practices to help you build successful pages.

1.  Post relevant, engaging content.

Post engaging content to attract fans and encourage them to be active. If a fan likes a page and never visits, then you are missing out on opportunities to market to that person.


Premiering PINNsights

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