Where are 2016 Election Candidates Spending their Money?

This year’s political season has been a costly one for candidates pushing to become the next leader of the United States. But the question is, where exactly are they spending their media dollars?

CBS News reports TV ad spending for the 2016 election will reach and possibly exceed $4.4 billion dollars but unless you are in the 14 swing states, you may not see many TV ads. Unless you were watching this year’s Olympics Games. It's being reported that the Clinton presidential campaign’s “Hillary for America” spent $15.8 million, half of her national budget, during the two-week event. Trump’s presidential campaign, on the other hand, has its first ad buy scheduled to begin August 2016 in swing states: Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

Online and Digital will see a pretty decent chunk of campaign dollars this political season. Fortune reports that an estimated $1.2 Billion dollars will be spent with a little less than half going to social media.  

While presidential campaigns are strategically planning their media schedule, some media outlets are not accepting political ads. National CineMedia (NCM) is one of them. In 2015, NCM declared their movie theatres as a “Politics-Free Zone”. 

With a little more than two months left before the election, Americans should prepare to see more of the democratic and republican nominees before it’s all said and done.  



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